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Nastätten association of municipalities - Miehlen

Miehlen village

In the forest, west of the B260 main road (the Bäderstraße), about 180 metres behind the Limes, are the remains of the Pfarrhofen Roman fort. The extent of the fort, which measures 38m by 40m, is completely hidden from view under the forest floor. Its stones were used as recently as 1824 to build the nearby road. Today, marker posts show the position of the fort. It’s worth noting that Miehlen has a good variety of restaurants, which invite the visitor to have a meal.


Worth seeing is the town hall, with its tower, in the centre of the village, the house in which the famous master criminal Johannes Brückler was born, the historic tithe barn, and the protestant church. Nearby, in the direction of Hunzel, is a recreation area with a lake and camp site.


Touristik im  „Blaues Ländchen“
Schulstraße 29 - Museum
56355 Nastätten

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Ernst-Georg Peiter
Teichstraße 6
56357 Miehlen

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