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Nastätten association of municipalities - Bettendorf

Bettendorf village

To the north-east of Bettendorf is the Pohler Wood, where the original Roman Limes forms the border between the districts of Bettendorf, Pohl and Obertiefenbach. As a part of a community project between Bettendorf and Pohl, not only has Watchtower 2/25 been reconstructed, but you also have the opportunity to walk the original course of the Limes through the wood. You can also see further evidence of Celtic settlements in the region, for example the extensive barrow tombs near the Pfarrhofen fort.

The village of Bettendorf’s central location offers great links to the regional Loreley-Aar Cycleway and the Limes Walking path. In 2009, the village itself developed a three-fort circular walks. This walk covers the Limes regions of Bettendorf, Holzhausen, Hunzel, Miehlen, Obertiefenbach, Pohl and Rettert.

Places of interest and leisure opportunities

In the village of Bettendorf you will find a remarkable collection of well-preserved half-timbered buildings
You can also visit:

  • the geology museum and the extensive private Wilhelm mineral collection, the culture institute for interdisciplinary cultural research, which includes the ethno-archeological world heritage museum
  • the Celtic Yard (Keltenhof) open-air museum ( building work began in 2013)
  • the Betho Barn, which was reconstructed in 2013, with its Celtic time windows, a wooden sculpture path through the village, the culture yard "Blaues Land" with three private art studios, and the Sonnenhof dressage stables with spacious arena.

In the 2013 the village of Bettendorf had its anniversary, with a documented history stretching back 850 years. As a result of the celebrations, a book ‘850 years of Bettendorf - a journey in time through 2 millennia’ was published. The book includes a lot of oral history, and copies are available at the council administration Offices.


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Arnd Witzky
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