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Nastätten Verbandsgemeinde - Berg

Berg village

The village is situated at a height of 290 metres and was first mentioned in a document in 1260. The Limes runs very close to the village and follows the route of a prehistoric ridgeway. On the outskirts of the village towards Hunzel is a picnic area with good views, a viewing window, and an information board. In Berg a project working with the land consolidation incorporates a visualisation of the Roman Limes route. As a result, the Limes Walking Trail (Limeswanderweg) has been relocated nearer to the Mühlbach stream. The route of the Limes leading to Hunzel has been highlighted by a line of trees. Heading east, the walking trail provides a unique experience as it explores Roman heritage on the Romano-Germanic fruit educational trail, with trees of ancient fruit varieties to be seen. Accommodation for walkers is available in Berg.


Touristik im  „Blaues Ländchen“
Schulstraße 29 - Museum
56355 Nastätten

Tel: 06772/3210



Heiko Singhof
Im Kappesgarten 6
56357 Berg

Tel: +49 (0)6772 5023