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Nastätten association of municipalities - Holzhausen

  • The "Blaue Ländchen"

    The “Blaue Ländchen” in the western part of the
    Taunus is also called “land of springs, streams and
    mills”. Surrounded by the Rhine valley with the
    Loreley rock, “UNESCO World Heritage Mittelrheintal”,
    the idyllic Lahntal with its thermal bathhouse,
    the Limes with its well-preserved ramparts
    and forts as well as the wild Wispertal.
    Embedded in this scenic landscape is the municipality
    of Nastätten with its 32 communities.


    Limes Trail to the fort in Holzhausen with wellpreservedramparts, reconstructed gate buildingswith corner buildings and standards shrine;Nicolaus-August-Otto-Museum (inventor of thefour-stroke engine) in Holzhausen. Mineral springfrom the Roman period and Gothic church (1200)with unique rustic Madonna in Marienfels, Museum“Leben und Arbeiten” in Nastätten.


  • Karte - Nastätten, Holzhausen
  • Cohort fort

    The fort is below the 544-meter high “Grauer Kopf”. With a size of
    only 1.4 hectares, it is one of the smallest cohort forts (infantry
    units) on the Upper Germanic-Raetian Limes. It is one of the best
    preserved forts with foundations. The visible remains present defence
    moats, fort corners with installations, gates and the standards
    shrine. The remains of the fort vicus can be partly perceived as slight
    elevations in the area. The military site of Holzhausen is situated at
    the border between the Nassau Nature Park and the Hessian Rhein-
    Taunus Nature Park.

  • Touristinfo

    Touristik im  „Blaues Ländchen“
    Schulstraße 29 - Museum
    56355 Nastätten
    Tel: (0) 6772/3210

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