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Hunzel village

The Limes walking trail running between Berg and Pohl goes almost straight through the middle of Hunzel, crossing the new market square with a large reconstruction drawing showing a scene of Roman life. Approximately 750 metres southwest of the centre of the village, there was once a Roman fort where today there are only fields. The fort was erected in the 2nd century AD as a substitute for the Marienfels fort, which lies further away from the Limes. The fort itself is no longer visible, but its measurements were 84m by 89m, forming a rectangle. At the community centre in Hunzel you will find information on the Roman history of the village. The walking path between Hunzel and Pohl heads through the wood, and you can discover the well-preserved ditch and mound of the Limes. Here there is a section of wooden palisade, and a picnic area with a viewing window to highlight the course of the Limes over the fields.


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