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Nassau VG - Pohl

Nassau VG - Pohl

Holiday destination in the Lahntal, surrounded by the heights of the Westerwald and the Taunus, in the middle of the Naturpark Nassau. Famous because of its family seat of the counts and dukes of Nassau (Nassau Castle) and its birthplace of the Reichsfreiherr Karl von und zum Stein. Many leisure facilities, endless hiking possibilities, undisturbed cycling and canoeing, cosy street cafés, pubs.


Limes rampart and Limes moat are well-preserved in the wooded sections between Hunzel and Pohl. WP 2/21 can also be perceived in this area. The Limes, also called “Pfahlgraben”, gave the community Pohl its name which derives from the German word “Pfahl” (pile). At the point where the Limes runs around the northern part of the village in a wide arc was a small fort with an area of about 30 x 40 meters, which was fortified with a timber-earth-wall and a shaped ditch.

The Limes fort Pohl is an authentic replica of a small fort with watchtower, according to the current state of research. This facility, which is unique in Germany, is designed as an open-air Museum and – amidst beautiful scenic surroundings - directly situated at the German Limes Road (B 260, Bäderstraße) between Wiesbaden and Bad Ems at the south-eastern start of the Rhineland-Palatinate Limes section. The Limes fort Pohl is suitable as an exhibition and event venue, as a place for information as well as a central starting point for many activities in the area.


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