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Commune Mönchsroth

Count Hermann von Leiningen donated lands in the “Bachgrund” of the Rothach for the Benedictine Monastery Hirsau at the beginning of the 12th century. This developed into another monastery at the end of the existing village of which the church St. Peter and Paul as well as parts of the circuit wall have still been preserved. The Limes runs partly visible, partly not visible, through open field, south of Mönchsroth, to the forest near the Fallmeisterei.


Former monastery church, limes tower.

South of Mönchsroth, partial replica of a stone tower

The Limes reaches the Bavarian border on the road Mönchsroth-Eck am Berg (end of the Limes-line 12 / beginning of Limes-line 13). A bit further east of this road are large remains of a tower (WP 13/1), perceivable as a flat hill. South of Mönchsroth: partial replica of a stone tower (WP 13/2).
South of the road Mönchsroth-Wittenbach in the forest “Unterer Espan” are the remains of a stone and wooden tower (WP 13/3).


East of the road Birkenzell-Gerau: Limes wall is clearly visible as a dam in the field-meadow area.


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