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  • Römische Spuren in Miltenberg
  • Kohortenkastell Miltenberg
  • Miltenberg
  • Miltenberg at the Main between Spessart and Odenwald

    Magnificent half-timbered buildings and medieval
    alleys, vineyards blessed with plenty of sunshine
    and excellent wines, rich history and entertaining
    guided city tours, great museums and the smallest
    theatre in the world, a wide variety of events
    and beautiful cycleways and trails, “Häckerwirtschaften”
    (seasonal winetaverns) and sophisticated
    gastronomy, charming small shops – all this
    and much more can be expected here.
    The town’s first documentary reference dates
    from 1237. So it can look back on an eventful
    history. Its favourable position on the old trade
    route Nürnberg – Frankfurt made it possible for
    Miltenberg to experience times of economic prosperity
    at an early stage.


    Old marketplace, known as “Schnatterloch”,
    “Gasthaus zum Riesen”, the oldest inn for aristocracy
    in Germany, “Schwarzviertel”, the oldest
    part of the town between Main and Greinberg,
    Mildenburg. Themed guided tours or walks in the
    footsteps of the Celts or the Romans can be
    booked at the tourist information; Infoflyer “Der
    Limes bei Miltenberg” also available there.

  • Karte - Miltenberg
  • Roman traces

    At the passage from the so-called Main-Limes, a border section on
    the river, to the Limes, the artificial border fortification made of
    palisade, rampart and moat. Visible: wall remains and parts of the
    bath-house of the so-called Altstadtkastell (old city fort). Replicas of
    the foundations of three watchtowers along the Limes Trail. Pottery
    kiln from the civilian settlement of the overbuilt numerus fort.
    Many display boards offer additional information.

  • Museum.Burg.Miltenberg

    Museum Burg Miltenberg, Museum Stadt
    Miltenberg with impressive Roman finds from the
    area of the Altstadtkastell (old city fort).

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    Museum Bürgstadt

    Museum Bürgerstadt with many finds from the numerus
    fort Miltenberg-Ost

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    Engelplatz 69
    63897 Miltenberg

    Tel. +49 (0) 93 71 / 404-119
    Fax +49 (0) 93 71 / 94 88 944

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