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  • Mainhardt
  • Kohortenkastell
  • Karte - Mainhardt
  • Climatic spa Mainhardt

    There are many things to discover around this
    health resort at the Limes and its mountainous
    region. Visitors come across traces of the Romans
    again and again in this beautiful landscape. Along
    the Limes Nature Trail, which leads through Mainhardt,
    are many text and picture panels which
    report about the Roman period of occupation.

  • Sights in and around Mainhardt

    Römermuseum with interesting finds, remains
    of fort walls, Limes reconstruction, Art Museum
    Pahl, leisure activities: Fuxi-Naturerlebnis-Pfad
    (nature trail), Mineralfreibad (open-air swimming
    pool), trails and cycleways, horse riding and fishing,
    Nordic walking and jogging.

  • Museum in the former catholic church

    Roman museum with finds from fort and civilian settlement
    and multimedia presentation of the virtual Limes worlds.

  • Cohort fort: tower visible

    Cohort fort Visible: Southwest corner area of the defence wall with

  • Rampart and moat

    Rampart and moat of the Limes preserved 500 m south of B 14;
    Limes replica with moat, rampart and palisade directly at the B 14;
    WP 9/72 in the “Buchwald” visible as debris hill.

  • Touristinfo

    Hauptstraße 1
    74535 Mainhardt

    Tel. +49 (0) 79 03 / 91 50 - 0
    Fax +49 (0) 79 03 / 91 50 - 50

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