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  • Römerturm Lorch
  • Römerturm Lorch
  • Palisaden Lorch
  • Lorch on the "Limesknie"

    Lorch was founded on the site of a former
    Roman fort on the “Limesknie”, near the intersection
    point of the Upper German and the
    Raetian Limes. The Lorch Monastery (Kloster
    Lorch) was donated as a burial place for the
    “Staufer” in 1102. Monastery-concerts in summer.


    Former Benedictine Monastery.
    Worth seeing are the monastery buildings and the circular image of
    the “Staufer” in the chapter house of the monastery.
    Historically themed walks in the city centre.

  • Karte - Lorch
  • Watchtower

    Small fort Kleindeinbach west of the Rotenbachtal. Flat debris
    rampart of the defence wall visible in the forest, similar to the
    small fort Rötelsee. The fort with an area of almost 600 m2 played
    an important part in the surveillance of the Limes at the border
    between the Roman provinces of Upper Germany and Raetia.

  • Fort

    Fort in the middle of the town overbuilt to a large extent.
    Southernmost base of the Upper German Limes on the thoroughfare
    from Bad Cannstatt through the Remstal to Raetia. Visible:
    foundations of the northern tower of the west gate in the yard of
    the “evangelische Gemeindehaus” (protestant parish hall).

  • Starting point of the Raetian Wall Kleindeinbach-Rotenbachtal

    A few metres east of the small fort Kleindeinbach is a prominent
    landmark of the Limes: starting point of the Raetian Wall (the
    Limes was marked by a stone wall in the region of the province
    of Raetia from the beginning of the 3rd century onwards). Moat
    and rampart were built at the same time in the province of Upper
    Germany. Foundations of the wall have been restored after excavation,
    further continuation of the wall in the form of a flat rampart.

  • Reconstruction of a wooden watchtower at the intersection with the Lorch – Pfahlbronn road

    At WP 12/14, this wooden tower reconstruction provides a wide-ranging view over the landscape of the area. It is one of the most striking locations on the Upper German and Raetian Limes.



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