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Hanau - the Brothers Grimm Fairytale

Rare wild equids, Brothers Grimm Fairytale, important cultural and architectural monuments, second largest harbour on the Main-Danube canal and the old town of Steinheim with its picturesque half-timbered houses – all this and numerous other attractions make a visit to the economic and cultural major centre in the east of the Rhine-Main-Region a rewarding experience. The birthplace of the brothers Jacob and Wilhelm Grimm offers besides historic sites nine museums, a considerable selection of galleries as well as the most beautiful and biggest weekly market in Hesse, which takes place every Wednesday and Saturday in front of the Neustädter Rathaus (city hall). Hanau attracts a high number of visitors from the surrounding areas. Numerous parks, nine nature protection areas and seven landscape protection areas within the city area make it possible to enjoy pure nature in Hanau. The guided tours to the Przewalski-wild equids in the nature protection area “Campo Pond” or excursions to the wild park “Alte Fasanerie” in the city district
Klein-Auheim are extremely popular.

Sights in and around Hanau

Limes Circular Trail, the German Goldschmiedehaus (House of Goldsmiths), historical “Kuranlagen Wilhelmsbad” with Hessian doll museum, wild park “Alte Fasanerie” with Hessian forestry museum, Castle Philippsruhe with museum and park, Museum Grossauheim and Mittelbuchen, medieval city district Steinheim with castle and museum.
Castle Park Philippsruhe: amphitheatre where the “Brüder-Grimm-Festspiele” take place every year.
The tourist information offers guided tours through Hanau and its district on every first Saturday of the month.

Three cohort forts locations

In the district Hanau are three fort locations which have been discovered.
The fort on the Salisberg belonged to the older eastern Wetterau-Limes and its function was to control the “Mainknie”.
The foundation walls of the fort bath-house are visible on the grounds of the old cemetery of Kesselstadt. An older military installation with an enormous area of 14 hectares, which was however only used for a short period of time, is situated under today’s town centre of Kesselstadt.

Watchtower 5/12

Between Rückingen and Grosskrotzenburg
The Limes has been preserved over longer distances in wooded areas south of Rückingen. The Limes is in a well-preserved state at WP 5/12 at the Doppelbiersumpf, east of Hanau-Wolfgang.

Museum Schloss Steinheim

Mithraeum and other Roman finds are in the “Museum Schloß Steinheim”. Schloss Steinheim-Museum for local Pre- and Early History.

Opening hours: Thu.-Sun. 10-12 and 14-17.


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