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  • Hammersbach is between Frankfurt Rhein-Main and the Ronneburger Hügelland

    Hammersbach was founded in 1970 by the merger
    of the municipalities Langenbergheim and
    Marköbel. The municipality is embedded in the
    densely wooded landscape between Ronneburger
    Hügelland and southerly Wetterau.
    Archaeological finds in the municipal area range
    from the Neolithic Age to the Hallstatt period
    and the Celtic Latène Age; former cohort fort.

    Sights in and around Hammersbach

    Historical town hall in Marköbel (1686), “Oberund
    Untertor” (gates) with parts of the Medieval
    defence wall, restored Antonites-Chapel in Hirzbach.

  • Karte - Hammersbach
  • Cohort fort

    A partly mounted unit, responsible for protecting different routes,
    was stationed at Fort Marköbel in the middle of the town centre.
    A short section of the fort wall can be seen at the cemetery and
    the floor layout of the fort bath-house is marked by stones at the
    church. A reconstruction of the palisade is located at the Kresbach
    not far from the Limes.

  • Touristinformation

    Gemeinde Hammerbach
    Köbler Weg 44
    63546 Hammersbach

    Tel. +49 (0) 61 85 / 18 00-0
    Fax +49 (0) 61 85 / 18 00-44

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