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  • Gunzenhausen in the Franconian Lake District

    State-approved health resort. Centre in the Franconian
    Lake District. First documentary reference
    dates from 823. Former Roman settlement, northernmost
    point of the Raetian Limes. The nearby
    Altmühlensee (lake; 450 ha) invites visitors to
    go swimming, sailing, surfing and boating. Shipping
    line with four piers. There are 800 km of signposted
    cycleways and trails around Gunzenhausen.
    Huge programme for guests and cultural events
    in summer.

  • Karte - Gunzenhausen
  • Sights in and around Gunzenhausen

    Blas-Tower (1603), archaeological museum,
    town museum (1701), historic half-timbered barn
    (1753), margrave hunting lodge – “Haus des
    Gastes” (1749), remains of the town wall (13th
    century), museum of fossils and lithography.
    Archaeological museum

  • Restored Limes tower WP 14/4 with wooden palisade

    There is a restored Limes tower (WP 14/4) with wooden palisade east
    of the Bismarck tower (partly built of stones from the Limes wall).
    Right beside it is WP 14/5, which was later added to the Limes wall.
    Remains of the debris rampart of the Limes wall are visible about 500 m
    east of this.

  • Small Fort with memorial stone

    Small fort on the “Hintere Schloßbuck” with memorial stone: wooden
    tower hill and stone foundations of WP 14/6 are clearly visible.

  • Limes wall between Gunzenhausen and Theilenhofen

    East of Gundelsheim: debris rampart of the Limes wall visible,
    additional marking with indicator stones, so-called “Limes”-Stones.

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