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Großerlach in the Mainhardter forest

Located in the Schwäbische Wald (500 – 586 m).
The district Grab is a state-approved health resort and its name derives from the “Schweinsgraben” (Limes moat). The surrounding area is especially suitable for extended hikes.


Sights in and around Großerlach

In the district Großerlach: silver mine gallery with water treading pool, leisure centre, ski lift with floodlights; in the district Grab: Limes replica with watchtower (starting point of the Limes Nature Trail), herb centre.


Watchtower 9/75 and 9/77 between Mainhardt and Großerlach-Grab

East of Mönchsberg: WP 9/75 excavated in the forest “Hofbergle”, ruins restored.
East of the Rösersmühle: WP 9/77 in the “Färberswald”, excellently preserved and restored ruins. Forest section “Säugraben” north of Grab: Limes rampart and moat extraordinarily well-preserved. This section belongs to the most impressive parts of the Limes in Baden-Wuerttemberg.

Stone tower reconstructed with palisade, rampart and moat, Großerlach-Grab

WP 9/83 on the “Heidenbuckel”, the second highest point on the Upper German Limes in Baden-Wuerttemberg. Complete height of a stone tower reconstructed, in addition to this, Limes reconstruction with palisade, rampart and moat in a forest aisle. One of the main survey points of the perfectly straight Limes-line.


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