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  • Erlensee, Rückingen

    Consists of Rückingen and Langendiebach. First
    mentioning by Theodericus de Rukkingin in 1173,
    mentioning of Langendiebach in papal deed in


    Rückingen: former bath-house of the Roman
    fort (so-called “Altenburg an der Römerstraße”),
    Wasserburg (water castle) (1569) with local history
    museum (amongst other things with finds from
    the fort, open on every first Sunday of the month),
    Schlösschen (1564) (small castle), Langendiebach:
    defence towers

  • Karte - Erlensee, Rückingen
  • Stonefort "Altenburg"

    Fort Rückingen with an area of 2.5 hectares was located at the
    western edge of the town. Unfortunately, the complete area has
    been overbuilt with residential housing. It was however possible to
    conserve the foundation walls of the fort bath-house below a group
    of trees south of the Kinzigniederung. Its research has a long tradition
    which started from 1802 to 1804. The garrison of fort Rückingen
    was mainly responsible for the surveillance of a Limes passage
    over the Kinzig.

  • Touristinformation

    Am Rathaus 3
    63526 Erlensee

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