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  • Ellwangen Basilika
  • Modell Kastell
  • Limesmauer Pfahlheim
  • Ellwangen on the Jagst

    Former residence of the Prince-Provosts in the
    Virngrund, which was founded in 764 as a Benedictine
    monastery. The pilgrimage church Schönenberg
    and the castle with museum rise above the
    town. In the courtyard, the “Heimattage” and
    other cultural events take place every summer.

  • Karte - Ellwangen
  • Sights in and around Ellwangen

    Market place with basilica, baroque Jesuit
    church and canons’ houses, pilgrimage church
    Schönenberg, castle with museum, Palais Adelmann,
    Antonius-Chapel with faience altar.
    Alamannenmuseum, Sieger-Köder-Museum.

  • Fort

    East of the road Birkenzell-Gerau: Limes wall is clearly visible as a
    dam in the field-meadow area.
    Location of WP 12/109 not far from the wooden crucifix at Stödtlen-
    Oberzell: situated within an interesting landscape; with a good view
    over Dinkelsbühl towards the North and to the Middle Franconian
    Hesselberg towards the East.

  • Limes wall

    A section of the Limes wall was exposed directly at the Kastellstraße
    in Ellwangen-Pfahlheim in 1988.
    The foundations, which are 12.2 m long and 1.25 – 1.40 m wide,
    have been preserved up to a height of 0.75 m. The dried-out cavity
    wall consists of local “Stubensandstein”.

  • Touristinfo

    Tourist Information
    Spitalstr. 4
    73479 Ellwangen

    Tel. +49 (0) 79 61 / 84-303
    Fax +49 (0) 79 61 / 55 267

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