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Ehingen at the Hesselberg

The municipality area is bounded to the south by the Hesselberg, which is with a height of 689 m the highest mountain in Middle Franconia. The mountain is under landscape protection due to its diversity of plant species and its semi-aridgrasslands. In the northern area of the municipality is the densely wooded heath land with its idyllically located natural ponds.
The existence of fort Darnbach proves that thismuniciplity once belonged to the former Roman Empire.

On the east shore from the Dennenloher Lake, recreated section of the Raetián Limes wall

WP 13/36 – WP 13/38: Limes is marked by a row of trees along the forest path. Dennenloher Lake, east shore: recreated section of the Raetian Limes wall.

Area of WP 13/44 and 13/45: debris rampart of the Limes wall clearly visible; WP 13/45 even visible in the terrain.

Northeast of Ehingen: debris hill of WP 13/31 with adjacent rampart of the Limes wall.

Fort Dambach

Hardly any traces left of fort Dambach; ramparts of an oval site with three entrances are traceable 250 m to the east. Small amphitheatre;
adjacent is a debris rampart of the Limes.


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