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  • Butzbach

    In the midst of a fertile landscape and situated at
    the slope of the Taunus. Medieval town with
    half-timbered houses well worth seeing; oldest
    half-timbered church of Hesse; remains of the
    town’s fort. Attractive trails and cycleways in the
    Nature Park Hochtaunus, leisure opportunities.

  • Butzbach Karte
  • Sights in and around Butzbach

    Town Museum with a Roman section, a town
    history, a handicraft, an industrial and a miniature
    shoes section.


    Between Butzbach and Pohlheim
    The rampart of the Limes fort is in a well-preserved state over long
    distances north of Butzbach. The reason for this lies in the fact that
    it was later used as part of the territorial force.

  • Watchtower 4/33

    WP 4/33 on the Schrenzer, southwest of Butzbach, is clearly visible
    because of a reconstructed wooden watchtower. The foundation
    walls of the younger stone tower have been conserved. In front of
    this is the reconstruction of a part of the Limes palisade. There were
    two forts in the district Butzbach. One of them was at the northwest
    village border, about 700 m behind the Limes, and was popularly
    known as “Hunneburg”.
    The small fort Degerfeld, which had to watch over an important
    Limes passage, was directly located at the Limes. Remains of both
    forts and of the Limes are no longer visible.

  • Museum from Butzbach

    Important finds from the cohort fort and the related civilian settlement
    can be visited at the “Museum der Stadt Butzbach” (Roman
    section in the vaulted cellar).

  • Touristinformation

    Magistrat der Stadt Butzbach
    Fachdienst Stadtkultur
    Marktplatz 2
    35510 Butzbach

    Tel. +49 (0) 60 33 / 74 74-11 /-14
    Fax +49 (0) 60 33 / 74 71-20

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