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Burgsalach is located on the high plateau of the southern Franconian Alb

First documented mention in 1070 on the occasion of the Episcopal church consecration. The municipality is located on the high plateau of the southern Franconian Alb, near the romantic Anlautertal (valley) and directly on the Limes.
Historically significant and controversial because of, amongst other things, its nearby iron ore deposits.

Replica of a wooden Limes tower

Roman experience trail with play stations for children and young people as well as panels and models which provide information about the Limes the Roman road and the burgus. On the trail is a conserved foundation of WP 14/48 and a replica of a wooden Limes tower.

In Europe unique small Fort

Small fort (burgus) in the Harlach: unique Limes building, comparable buildings only known in North Africa. Wall sections of the square-shaped fort (side length of 32.6 m) conservedand described in the terrain. It’s likely that a unit of 100 soldiers was stationed here. Three bronze models show different reconstruction options of the building.

Watchtower 14/54 - 56, between Burgsalach and Böhming

Raetian wall is clearly visible again as debris rampart from south of Burgsalach to WP 14/56 (Limes bend at Petersbuch).
St. Egid: remains of WP 14/54 visible; St. Egid WP 14/55: floor layout conserved (site notice 6, St. Egid). Petersbuch, Limes section as far as Hirnstetten and Pfahldorf; debris rampart banked with stones gathered from the surroundings, covered with hedges and perceivable over a long distance as a dominating landmark on the Alb plateau.


Gemeinde Burgsalach
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