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Buchen in the Odenwald

Located at the eastern edge of the Odenwald. A romantic town with historic buildings, numerous half-timbered houses and remains of the city fort; cultural monuments in the surrounding area which are worth visiting; widely known for its carnival with “Blecker” and “Huddelbätz”.

Sights in and around Buchen

Eberstadter Tropfsteinhöhle (stalactite cave), the southeastern entrance gate to the UNESCOGeopark Bergstraße-Odenwald and the Bezirksmuseum Buchen with its newly designed permanent exhibition “Die Römer im Bezirk”, which has been acknowledged by the German Limes Commission as a “Schwerpunktmuseum für die spezielle Präsentation der linearen Grenzziehung zwischen Walldürn und dem Haghof, südlich von Welzheim.” (Museum with an emphasis on the special presentation and conveyance of the linear border demarcation etween Walldürn and Haghof south of Welzheim).

Small fort Hönehaus, Hettingen

Small fort Hönehaus. Visible: stone defence wall with two gateways. The fort belonged to the main survey points of the Limes-line which runs along perfectly straight here. There are three restored tower locations north (WP 7/48) and south (WP 8/1 and 8/2) of the small fort.


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74722 Buchen (Odenwald)

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