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Bendorf and Sayn

Bendorf and Sayn

With a cultural heritage rich in tourist highlights. The unique combination “Kulturpark Sayn” is the cultural masterpiece between the Rhine and the Moselle. The two premium hiking trails Rheinsteig and Saynsteig cross at the UNESCO World Heritage Limes. Scenic guided tours and hiking tours “An den Grenzen Roms” with a picnic at the Römerturm are popular leisure activities.

Sights in and around Bendorf and Sayn

At close quarters, right behind the venerable Abtei Sayn with its beautiful cloister, climbing courses of every level attract visitors to the Kletterwald Sayn. Schloss Sayn, central point within the historical monument landscape, accommodates not only a castle chapel which is especially worth seeing, but also colourful salons and the Rheinische Eisenkunstguss-Museum (cast-iron art) with its valuable collection of iron products. The “Garten der Schmetterlinge” of the Fürstliche Schlosspark displays colourful butterflies in an exotic ambience.The monument area Sayner Hütte was awarded as historical landmark of civil engineering in 2010.
Burg Sayn offers marvellous views of the Rheintal and the mill museum “Heins Mühle” lively demonstrates the production process from grain to wheat.The German Limes Road leads directly through the city of Bendorf. Roman bricks with the stamp of the 22nd Legion can be found incorporated in the western wall of the 800 year-old church St. Medard.

Traces of earth-and-timber forts

On the Pulverberg, above Sayn, next to WP 1/54 watchtower reconstruction.

The small fort Fehrbach

Between Bendorf and Hillscheid
The small fort Fehrbach is located between WP 1/63 and WP 1/64.
Rampart and moat of the Limes-line are in a well-preserved state.
There are clearly visible parts of the Limes south-east of Fort Fehrbach in the “Vallendarer Stadtwald” south of Höhr.


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