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Bad Hönningen

Bad Hönningen

Spa on the “sunny side” of the Rhine. First documentary mention in 1009. Since 1950 a spa (“Bad”) and in 1969 promoted to the rank of a town. For centuries, a well-known wine-growing town, today still 9 ha of vineyards. Gate to Rhein-Westerwald Nature Park. Best starting point for hiking tours at the Rheinsteig and the Westerwaldsteig. Beautiful cultural landscape. Recreation and wellness at the Kristall Rheinpark-Therme. All-inclusive offers, festivals and cultural events.

Sights in and around Bad Hönningen

Picture: Museum RömerWelt. 
The German Limes Road starts in the territory of Bad Hönningen. 
Schloß Arenfels, 1258, neo-Gothic.


Neustraße 2a
53557 Bad Hönningen

Tel. +49 (0) 26 35/22 73
Fax +49 (0) 26 35/27 36