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Aalen on the foot of the Swabian Alb

Former free imperial city at the foot of the Swabian Alb. Historic centre with an attractive pedestrian zone. Event highlights include Aalen Jazz Festival, “Open-air Summer” of the theatre of the city of Aalen, “Reichsstädter Tage”, “Römertage” (in every even year).

Sights in and around Aalen

Limesmuseum, Besucherbergwerk “Tiefer Stollen” (ore mine), Limes-Thermen (thermal baths), Primeval World Museum, Castle Fachsenfeld with art gallery and castle park, Museum Wasseralfingen.

Roman guidance and trips

Aalen / Rainau: excursion and short trip offers “Beware – the Romans are coming!”.

Infos at the Touristik-Service Aalen, Tel. +49 (0) 73 61/52 23-58.

Limesmuseum with archaeological park

A branch of the “Archäologisches Landesmuseum Baden-Wuerttemberg”. The Limes Information Centre Baden-Wuerttemberg is located in the entrance area of the museum. The largest South German museum on the UNESCO-World Heritage Limes is located on the site of Fort Aalen. Covering an area of 6 hectares, this fort is the largest military camp on the Limes. The museum provides comprehensive information about the Limes, the forts, the structure and weaponry of the Limes troops as well as the civilian settlements in the hinterland. There is even something to learn about the Roman ideology of rulership. Many original finds, informative texts and graphics as well as numerous models provide an illustrative and lively picture of the lives of soldiers and civilians on the Limes.


Roman fort

Particularly attractive is the archaeological park on the site of the fort. The visitor awaits remains of the walls of the staff quarters and of the left side gate, a high number of replicas of Roman stone monuments and, finally, a former partial reconstruction of an equestrian barrack in its original size.
This is how everyday life of the Ala II Flavia, which was stationed in Aalen and comprised of 1000 cavalrymen, comes alive again.
Modern multimedia presentations, a multilingual audio guide and especially the museum’s comprehensive educational programme complete the range of offers.


Reichsstädter Straße 1

73430 Aalen
Tel. 0 73 61/52 23-58
Fax 0 73 61/2 19 07