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  • Welzheim Ostkastell - Baden-Württemberg

  • Kastell Pfünz - Bayern

  • Kastell Weißenburg - Bayern

Limes Road

Travel along the German Limes Road for over 800 km through Germany and experience the Limes UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Limes Cycle Path

Cycle along the Limes Cycle Path, where Roman attractions alternate with scenic highlights along the way.

Limes Hiking Trail

Experience one of the largest cultural hiking trails in Europe - the Limes Trail along the UNESCO World Heritage Limes.

Do you already know...?

Here you can find our travel tips at the Limes.


Discover the UNESCO World Heritage Site Limes. The Limes brings Roman history to life in the middle of Germany.

Member Locations

Your way to the member places of the German Limes Road Associaton


Find information on brochures, guided tours, press reports and much more.

About Us

Learn more about the German Limes Road Association, as well as the history of the Limes.

The German Limes-Road - A Video Report

Check-in - The travel magazine of the "Deutsche Welle" at the Limes

"On the Ancient Roman Trail" was moderator Lukas Stege. His journey is documented in a 30-minute video. The exciting and informative journey leads Stege from Cologne to the Saalburg (Hesse). He explores museums, forts and palisades, tastes Roman food and beverage and in the end even participates in a real Roman soldier training.

We are especially happy about the video footage of our members Rheinbrohl (RömerWelt am Caput Limitis), Hillscheid (Limes tower with Roman fruit and vegetable garden) and Bad Homburg (Saalburg)!

You can find the English version of the video here.

Photo Competition "YOU ARE WORLD HERITAGE"

In the anniversary year 2020, the German Limes Road Association announced a photo competition. Under the motto "You are World Heritage", participants were asked: "Capture exciting moments with your camera, unusual views on the German Limes-Road, the German Limes Cycle Path and the German Limes Hiking Trail. Show us your perspective on the monuments and reconstructions of the Limes rampart, palisade, watchtowers and much more." Prizes included tickets for selected museums along the Limes, books and a visit to the Limes Thermal Baths in Aalen.

Limes travellers in Rhineland-Palatinate, Hesse, Baden-Wuerttemberg and Bavaria accepted the invitation and submitted photos of forts, watchtowers, palisades, Limes foundations, gladiator show fights, Roman-inspired street art, landscape photographs and exhibits in Roman museums. In addition to famous motifs such as the Limes fort of Pohl, the Roman fort of Saalburg, the eastern fort of Welzheim and the Biriciana fort near Weissenburg, the competition entries also include numerous photographs of lesser-known sites on the former outer border of the Roman Empire.

The pictures show exciting and unusual perspectives and invite you to discover new destinations along the Upper Germanic-Raetian Limes - Europe's largest archaeological monument.

The photo competition met with such a great response that the board of the German Limes Road Association decided to award prizes to a total of twelve photos instead of the three best - three for each federal state through which the Upper Germanic-Rhaetian Limes passes.

First prize in Baden-Wuerttemberg went to the photo "Exposed to the elements. Sun and ice" by Annika Wegner, which shows the reconstructed Limes Tower at Lorch Monastery.

In Bavaria, the winner was the photo "Kastell Biriciana", taken by Thomas Eirich in Weißenburg i. Bay.

The winning photo in Rhineland-Palatinate shows "street art" by the artist Alexander Heyduczek in the Neuwied district, inspired by the Roman bridge-building by Julius Caesar. It was taken by Conrad Lunar.

In Hesse, the photo "The Power of Imagination" by Claudia Hellriegel took first place. It was taken on the Limes Hiking Trail between Neuberg-Ravolzhausen and Staden.

The winning photos can be seen in the new edition of the image brochure of the German Limes Road Association and on the website.

© Verein Deutsche Limes-Straße


The "UNESCO-Welterbestätten Deutschland" Association shows its solidarity

Like many people in Germany, we too are shocked by the events in Ukraine and speechless in the face of the images of suffering and destruction that are currently reaching us from the cities under attack. The "UNESCO Welterbestätten Deutschland" Association, of which the German Limes Road Association is also a member, shows solidarity with the Ukrainian population, especially the World Heritage colleagues of the Ukrainian World Heritage Sites. As a sign of this solidarity, the "UNESCO Welterbestätten Deutschland" Association shows the seven World Heritage Sites in Ukraine on Instagram. You can find the pictures at


Hiking guide available in English

After the announcement of the first guide along the German Limes in English last year, we are happy to advertise our first English hiking guide for the Limes in Baden-Württemberg.

The German Limes Road Association, which instigated and maintain the Limes-Straße (road) and the Limes-Radweg (cycle path), wish to promote and inform through the two trails the unique qualities of this World Heritage Site, building interest both in Germany and abroad in protecting and preserving the site. In cooperation with walking clubs, the Verein Deutsche Limes-Straße is also involved in the Limes-Wanderweg (trail).

If you want to understand the German Limes the best thing to do is go for a walk and explore it. Along this long borderline, in ancient times the northern limit of Mediterranean life, and since 2005 a UNESCO World Heritage Site, you can enjoy one of the biggest cultural footpaths of Europe in the middle of Baden-Württemberg. The hiking guide contains information about four different trails with maps and details of the altitude difference to be overcome, refreshment options and museums along the way.

The brochure is available as a free download: just click the accompanying image. Or you can order a paper copy for free: Click here.

Dutch Translation

A Dutch translation of the map "UNESCO World Heritage Limes" is now available.

The PDF file with all texts for the map is available here.

You can order the map "UNESCO World Heritage Limes" here.

Guidebook available in English

We are happy to present our first English guidebook to the UNESCO world heritage site of the Upper Germanic-Rhaetian Limes. We can now offer our international visitors a comprehensive guide, with the most important facts about the whole Limes.

With this English brochure we would like to broaden the already existing interest in our world heritage site beyond Germany. The brochure lists all the places which are members of the German Limes Road Association, and all the historical monuments along it. You will find beautiful places, where you can discover and explore the Roman monuments.

The objective of the German Limes Road Association is to promote public awareness of the global historical significance of the Limes archeological monument.

We wish you eventful trips and beautiful walks with impressive experiences as well as interesting insights into the Roman history of Germany. The beautiful and varied landscapes of this region between the Rhine and the Danube are not only a perfect place for recreation, they also represent the former Roman border region.

The brochure is available as a free download: just click here. A paper copy of the English guidebook can be ordered here.